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The diverse demand and categories of Security Services


The Security Service is a vast and expansive profession providing protection for all expected and unexpected scenarios. The training varies from state to state, often branching out into subcategories. The requirement, responsibilities and tasks identifies and determines the suitable and relevant protection specialists for a certain job. Small private firms, large organizations and important personnel, all require security measures but at different levels.

People working in the security services hone their ability to be extra observant and conscious in the environment they’re in, looking out for and preventing all unlawful or unusual act. This article aims to touch up on some of these various kinds of security tasks and specialists.

Security Screeners

The responsibility of a Security Screener is to evaluate a person’s belongings utilizing X-ray Machines, Metal Detecting hand-held devices and by performing physical and visual searches. Commonly present at airports, malls, hospital and various public locations, security screeners are ranked as one of the highest paying armed security guards as their job includes the responsibility to respond at a time of crisis while keeping individuals safe.

Surveillance Officers

Surveillance officers usually work in large and crowded facilities and establishments. Their main responsibility is to use video and audio surveillance equipment to ensure order and provide security protocol throughout the premises. These officers monitor all kinds of violation, illegal activity and intruders.

Bodyguards or Personal Security

Personal protection is perhaps the highest paying security job as it can be a risky scenario protecting celebrities and wealthy individuals from crazed fans who are unpredictably dangerous. Bodyguards usually travel around with the high-profile individual, work in groups to assure complete services and also entitled to drive an armored vehicle when needed.

On-Site Security Guard

On-Site security guards are given a handful of responsibility to enforce the law and rules on-site. These security guards are responsible for the use of alarms and surveillance equipment. These guards stay on foot patrol ensuring safety and security on the property as well as monitoring the control access at the main gate.

These are a few of the common security services used on daily basis. Sreeyan Seven provides effective and complete security solutions for any and all scenarios with full determination and boldness. Feel free to contact Sreeyan Seven through their website and have them demonstrate their top-quality, professional security services.

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