Experts in providing security

About Us

With an office based in San Antonio, TX, Sreeyan LLC is a veteran owned company that is determined to provide the best security services all over the United States. We take pride in flaunting that we have provided security services to many business listed on the Fortune 1000 Companies list and that we have outrun some of the best security services of the US because they fail to provide the level of services that we do. Sreeyan LLC is in contract with some of the largest security firms of the world and provides security, protection and investigation services to them. We offer our best security officers to the elites including celebrities, executives and dignitaries.

Our agents are highly trained and experienced in their areas of expertise. Some of them also work as instructors at our academy and are hired as mentors for other security officers in the security industry. Our personnel and management team train continually to stay sharp and fit at all times.