High Value Courier/Escort

We at Sreeyan Seven offer vast services of security and protection which isn’t just limited to you as an individual, but we also provide high value parcel delivery which ensures security to your assets and goods, while transporting them safely and keeping them secure from theft and damage. Our escorts are skilled individuals work in attentive and effective security cells which increases success rate of our high value parcel delivery. Once you set up our service and employ us, you and your goods become our top priority. Furthermore, our experts navigate the challenges and risks of luxury goods. Our services ensure you the peace of mind that your high-value couriers are moving securely and timely across town or across the world. We reduce the risk of loss and theft incorporating a variety of tools, techniques and technology.

Sreeyan Seven’s High Value Cargo Security services are trusted by some of the world’s most prominent shippers and auction houses. Cargo has been the target of theft and damage for ages.

Our special operations agents are trained and assigned with numerous responsibilities on a daily basis, including oversight of the secure delivery, transport and safe handling. These services include a physical guard presence to oversee all critical movements of the shipment, from tendering at the cargo facility through loading onto an aircraft (and the reverse). Guard Services are available for quick 4 hour supervisions or lengthy 72 hour + transfers, with the capability for 72+ supervisions with 24/7 security oversight of cargo that is valuable in monetary, historical, or other categories. This puts us above the average security consultant companies in Texas.