Security/Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes it can be devastating, without notice and extremely crippling. With decades of experience, Integrity Sreeyan Seven offers security solutions to minimize loss and enable business continuity by responding quickly and strategically in crisis situations. Our network of professionally trained personnel can rapidly mobilize in response to threats from environmental emergencies, labor disputes, fire and any other emergency, no matter the size.

We have experience providing security in the aftermath of hurricanes, tornadoes and various protest scenarios. When the alarms are down, power is out, or rebuilding is ongoing, we are there to secure your property and/or personnel. We also provide personnel to help deliver relief supplies to disaster areas. Our Security Resources’ expert disaster relief guards have all the necessary experience needed to deal with the aftermath of a disaster, which ranges from handing out water to victims and to simply offer a helping hand, making us twice as efficient as other private disaster relief companies.

Our disaster relief experts at Sreeyan Seven have the unique skill-set and professional experience needed when disaster strikes. They are equipped to handle disaster alarm responses, with a team of emergency guards that can provide the protection needed in a disastrous event. We immediately plan and manage emergency response or disaster recovery and provide detailed risk assessments, experienced security personnel and real time intelligence.